Born in 1983 and graduated with full marks and honours in violin in the class of R. Donà, he pursued his studies in Rome under the prestigious guide of G. Monch and at “Accademia dei Solisti di Pavia” and Conservatory of Fermo with M. Rogliano.

He took part in violin master classes with N. Beilina, Z. Bron, C. Rossi, and chamber music's master classes with E. Bagnoli, R. Galletto, Apple Hill Chamber Players, PierNarciso Masi, Trio di Parma, Trio di Trieste.

In 1997, in duo with his sister Francesca Durante, he won the second prize offered by SIAE in collaboration with Coservatory "S.Cecilia" of Rome, competing with the best musicians of Italian Conservatories. He will be awarded this prize every year till the diploma.

His repertory goes from Baroque to contemporary music, in recitals for solo violin, in duet with piano, with Trio Dmtrij (of which he is the violinist). He plays in prestigious theatres in Italy, Germany and America with G. Monch, M. Rogliano, F. Dillon, F. Mondelci, R. Molinelli, R. Galletto, M. Ancillotti, G. Littera, D. di Bonaventura.

He has been invited to play as soloist in several orchestras such as Vidin Philarmonic Orchestra (Bulgaria) directed by O. Balan, International Chamber Ensamble Orchestra of Rome directed by F. Carotenuto.

In 2006 he was invited to the “New Music Festival” at the Auditoriu S.Rocco in Senugallia, where he played with L. Violini (voice) and F. Bongelli (pianist) works by R. Silvestrini, A. Talmelli, F. De Rossi Re, on texts of the writer and RAI 3 journalist G. Trapanese.

In 2008, he was invited to play “L’Histoire du Soldat” by Stravinskij at the Teatro dell’Aquila in Fermo, collaborating with artists such as Elio Pandolfi and musicians from Torino RAI Orchestra.

In 2009 he was invited to play Sextet by Xenakis and Quartet n.3 by Scelsi at the “L. Rossi” Theatre in Macerata, broadcasted by RAI Radio 3.

In 2010 he was invited by Marco Sollini to play at “Festival Armonie della Sera”.

He plays in several orchestras and in their chamber music groups, such as “Filarmonica Marchigiana”, “ICE” of Rome, “Orchestra da Camera delle Marche”, “Internazionale di Italia" of Fermo, the “Solisti Aquilani”, "Sinfonica" of S. Marino, “Solisti di Pavia” and Pesaro Symphony Orchestra “G. Rossini” as main First Violinist.

In 2002 recorded a Live CD  with works by W.A. Mozart at the "Sala dei Marmi" of the “G. Rossini” Conservatory in Pesaro, in 2004 he recorded a Live CD at the Auditorium “Pedrotti” in Pesaro with works by Saint-Saens and Caikovsky and in 2006 he has recorded a Live CD with chamber music works by A. Longo. He recorded the soundtrack of “Un mondo d’amore” by A. Grimaldi, with works by J. S. Bach.

He was Violin Professor at the "Corso Internazionale di Perfezionamento e di interpretazione musicale" organized by Istituto Musicale “Nicola Vaccaj” in Tolentino, at the "Corso Annuale di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale" organized by Associazione Culturale IterKléos in Pizzo and at the “Corso di Perfezionamento e Intrerpretazione in Musica da Camera” organized by Fondazione DiversoInverso in Monterubbiano, together with the other musicians of Trio Dmitrij. He is also Violin Professor in the public Italian school at the “Scuola Media ad indirizzo musicale”.

Since 2009 he is Konzertmeister of the Pesaro "G.Rossini" Symphony Orchestra.









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