Pasquale Mirra | Vibraphonist / Composer

Pasquale Mirra is among the most productive vibraphonists in the international and Italian jazz scene. He studied percussion instruments at Salerno’s Conservatorio Statale di Musica. He attended specialization courses at Siena Jazz and he graduated in Bologna’s Conservatorio Statale di Musica.

Pasquale Mirra has released more than 30 albums and he has worked with a great number of local and international artists, such as Hamid Drake, Michel Portal, William Parker, Fred Frith, Nicole Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, Ernst Reijseger, Rob Mazurek, Ballaké Sissoko, Aziz Sahmaoui, Butch Morris, Tristan Honsinger, Michael Blake, Lansiné Kouyaté, Hervé Samb, Samba Touré, Mederic Collignon, Jeff Parker, Josh Abrams, Oumar Touré, Napoleon Maddox, Billy Bang, Harrison Bankhead, Renee Baker, Charles Hayward, Aly Keita, Fadimata Wallet Oumar, Viktor Toht, Jeb Bishop, Dee Alexander, Roy Paci, Cristina Donà, Gianluca Petrella, Gaetano Partipilo, Domenico Caliri, Fabrizio Puglisi, Vincenzo Vasi, Cristiano Calcagnile, Zeno de Rossi, Paolo Angeli and many more.
Ha has perfomed in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Russia, France, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, USA (Chicago, New York, New Orleans).
He has recorded music sessions for RAI Radio3. He has performed in live broadcasting for RAI television shows and with the band Mop Mop he has recorded the soundtrack score for “To Rome with Love” directed by Woody Allen.
Pasquale Mirra’s music education project, together with percussionist Danilo Mineo, called “I linguaggi che uniscono” (“Binding languages”) is a musical workshop focused on playing and waste recycling awareness. Mirra and Mineo conduct this workshop every year in Bologna’s primary schools and in different festivals, theatres and libraries around Italy.
In collaboration with Orchestra Mozart, Mirra has also conducted music workshop for disabled kids Teatro Antoniano di Bologna; the workshop was followed by the performance of “Le Carnaval des Animaux” (“Animals’ Carnival”) by French composer Camille Saint- Saense.



Pasquale Mirra was awarded with the title of Best Italian Vibraphonist for the third year in a raw by the magazine Jazzit and he is among the best musicians of the year (for the second year in a raw) according to the reviewrs of Musica Jazz magazine. With “Moderatamente Solo” and “Pasquale Mirra meets Hamid Drake” projects he was hosted by American saxophonist Ken Vandermark at the Experimental Studio in Chicago.

The Italian lable Caligola releases “Water Stress” composed in a duo (“Groove&Move”) with trumpetist Gabriele Mitelli. Mirra and Mitelli have performed in many Italian jazz clubs and at Jazz Wine and Peace Festival, Young Jazz Festival, Pavia Jazz Festival, Lagarina Jazz Festival, Novara Jazz Festival. In November, “Water Stress” was listed in the top 10 albums by the prestigious Europe Jazz Media Chart magazine.

Pasquale Mirra joined “Multikulti”, the octet of drummer Cristiano Calcagnile, and performed in major festivals and theatres. The album released with Caligola label was considered one of the best Italian albums by the magazine Musica Jazz.
Mirra collaborates for a new music project by Italian singer and songwriter Cristina Donà.

The project was presented in collaboration with Fondazione Fabbrica Europa at Stazione Leopolda in Florence.
Mirra’s music education project for primary schools called “I linguaggi che uniscono” (“Binding languages”), focused on playing and waste recycling awareness took part and won the European call for bids “#Migrants” in collaboration with “Tana per Tutti”: the project included a performance with last year’s student from Bologna’s Ongaro Cremonini primary school and Ethiopian dancer/performer Melaku Belay. The same project was performed in three different primary schools in Formia (Latina).

Pasquale Mirra has performed with the bands Mop Mop and C'mon Tigre, in a duo with trombonist Gianluca Petrella, with Hamid Drake, Nicole Mitchell, Rob Mazurek, Tomeka Reid.
He has also performed in festivals all over Italy, Europe and the USA.



Mirra was mentioned as the best Italian vibraphonist for the second year in a raw by the magazine Jazz it, and he’s among the best 2015 musicians according to the reviewers of Musica Jazz magazine.
Together with musician Danilo Mineo, he takes part in the 2015 Winter Ravello Festival with the project “I linguaggi che uniscono” (“Binding languages”), a musical workshop focused on playing and waste recycling awareness for primary school children. The same project was brought to primary schools in Bologna, as well as to Bari’s Arte Festival in Sardinia and Valtellina.

The duet “Pasquale Mirra meets Hamid Drake” project was performed in: Ravello Festival, Nickelsdorf Jazz Festival, Bari in Fazz Festival, Jazz Flirt Festival (Formia), Centro d'Arte di Padova, Jazz on the Road Festival (Brescia).
With the band Mop Mop he took part in international festivals in the following countries: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Italy, Norway, Serbia, France and Turkey.

The “Moderatamente Solo” project was performed at Stazione Leopolda in Florence and at the Festival delle Dolomiti.
Pasquale Mirra joined the Italian band C'mon Tigre: they performed in many festivals around France and Italy, and they played for live broadcast at the TV show “Gazebo” (RAI3).

Mirra also played at: Crossroads Jazz Festival, Clusone Jazz Festival, Jazz in Eden Festival, Pisa Jazz Festival, Ambria Jazz Festival, Casa del Jazz, Jazzhead di Brema.



He was mentioned as the best Italian vibraphonist by Jazz it magazine. Together with the band Mop Mop, Mirra performed in a large number of festivals in Turkey, Russia, Germany, Holland, Hungery, Austria, Serbia and France. The duet “Pasquale Mirra meets Hamid Drake” project performed at Clusone Jazz Festival, Rocella Jazz Festival, Teatro Franco Parenti di Milano and at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica di Venezia.

Pasquale Mirra went on tour in Italy with American trumpet player Rob Mazurek. He also played at the following Italian festivals: Lugo Contemporanea, Zola Jazz&Wine, Ipercorpo, Peperoncino Jazz Festival, Roma Summer Jazz Fest, Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Cormons Jazz Festival, Fondazione Benetton, Jazz in Eden. During the whole year he played in the most renowned jazz clubs all over Europe on a regular basis.


Pasquale takes part in the Young Jazz Festival with “Tutto Normale” in a duo with guitarist Domenico Caliri. He also joined the Azalai Carovana in Musica project funded by the EU and he took part in artistic residences and festivals such as Wazzemmes l'Accordeon (Lille), Azalai (Florence), Sziget Festival (Budapest) collaborating with a number of African

musicians: Aziz Sahmaoui, Lansiné Kouyaté, Moh! Kouyaté, Aly Keita, Hilaire Penda, Hervé Samb, Said Tichiti.
He performed at “Jazz by the Pool” with American saxophonist Michael Blake’s new quartet, which focuses on the music by John Lurie, founder of the Lounge Lizards.
Mirra joined the theatre show “Batracomiomachia”, a poem composed by Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi and played by Italian actor, comedian and author Natalino Balasso. He toured with the band Mop Mop to Berlin, Helsinki, Hamburg and Hannover to promote the latest release, “Isle of Magic”.

Pasquale Mirra performed with the “Jump the Shark” project conceived by saxophonist Piero Bittolo Bon in Spain (Cadiz) and Portugal (Lisbon) at Jazz im Goethe Garten festival organized by the institute of German culture in collaboration with the institute of Italian culture, while in Italy the project played at Novara Jazz Festival. The “Pasquale Mirra meets Hamid Drake” project performed at Festival Ambria Jazz (Sondrio).
Mirra performed in many Italian venues and at Bologna’s Museo della Musica with the pianist Fabrizio Puglisi’s band, Guantanamo.
The “Moderatamente Solo” project toured around many italian venues and festivals. With percussionist Davide Merlino, Mirra released “Vibraphonic”, a composition for two vibraphones and percussion instruments.
He took part in Isole che Parlano festival with the “Moderatamente Solo” project: a solo performance for vibraphone, percussions and resonant object, as well as a duo performance with American drummer Hamid Drake.
He took part in the same festival with the project “I linguaggi che uniscono” (“Binding languages”), a musical workshop focused on playing and waste recycling awareness for children between 6 and 12.



He recorded his second cd with Jump The Shark leaded by Piero Bittolo Bon performing all over Italy, in the main clubs and italian Theatres.
The other remarkable recording of the year he made is with Mop Mop, (to be released soon) and the music is the sound track of the movie To Rome with Love, written and directed by Woody Allen.

In June he played at the amazing Vision Festival in NY: on stage with him: Hamid Drake, Jeff Parker, Jeb Bishop, Joshua Abrams...


He performed with Hamid Drake as duet in Poznan and Lublin (Lublin Jazz Festival). They both gave a workshop to the students in Morse (Germany).
He has been part of the glorius ensemble: Indigo Trio with Maggio Fiorentino Orchestra, conducted by the great flutist Nicole Mitchell.

Among the musicians involved: Michael Blake, Hamid Drake, Harrison Bankhead, Renèe Baker and the glorious orchestra of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino at Piccolo Teatro in Florence.
With the quartet leaded by the flutist and bandoneonist Carlo Mayer, performed all over the Paris Area.

With Mop Mop, has been on the road intesively in Poland, Hungary, and with the Almond Tree he played at Festival w l’Estate in Rome and MiTo Settembremusica in Milan. ‘Moderatamente solo’ is his project in solo, he brought it at the Festival di Fabriano and Ar(T)Cevia Festival, playing the sound track (based on improvisation)of the Silent Movie: ‘Vita da Cani’ (Charlie Chaplin)


Plays with Hamid Drake (Britain, Belgium, Italy, France). Performs at the Festival "Jazz a Vienne (Lyon) with Mederic Collignon, Napoleon Maddox, Hamid Drake. Participates in other Festivals in Budapest, Berlin, Paris, Cormons, Prato, Pisa, Formia, Ancona, Florence.



With the duet "Pasquale Mirra meets Hamid Drake" plays at the International Festival of Percussions Percfest (Laigueglia), at the Ubi Jazz Festival in Veneto and at the Soliera Jazz Festival (Modena). Plays in a quintet with trombonist Gianluca Petrella at Festival Jazz di Cento (Ferrara).

Plays also at the first edition of the Festival delle Passioni held in the city of Mantua. Creates his own solo referred to as "Moderatamentesolo" performing at the International Art Festival of Arcevia (Ancona) and the International Festival of Arts, Music and Film of Ravello (Salerno). Participates in the Jazz Festival of Levico (Trento) and with guitarist Domenico Caliri forms the duo PasCal with which records "Tutto Normale" (Palomar) and participates in the XXIX edition of the Clusone Jazz Festival.
Records "Sugoi Sentai Gattai" with the quintet Jump the Shark (Piero Bittolo Bon, Domenico Caliri, Danilo Gallo, Federico Scettri), "Desertificati" (Mrafi), Supuesto Blue (leader Marcello Benetti).



Plays in a duo with drummer Hamid Drake, with whom creates a stable project.
With the project "Tessitura" of the composer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith participates in the Angelica International Festival performing at the Teatro Rossini in Lugo (Ravenna), at the teatro Dimora di Mondaino (Rimini) and Festival "Jazz in'it" of Vignola. Graduates from the Conservatory of Music GB Martini of Bologna (three year degree specialised in Jazz).
Records the album "No leader" (Jazz Engine) with the quartet Leibniz led by drummer Nelida Bandello.



Collaborates with the group "Artemis Danza" by Monica Casadei performing in a quartet with the cellist Tristan Honsinger, the clarinetist Enrico Sartori anf the bassist Antonio Borghini in various Italian theaters.
Plays with Edward Marraffa and drummer Hamid Drake at the festival "Jazz a Lieu" (Turin).

Records a CD with the sextet "Orange Room" (Beppe Scardino, Bon Bittolo Piero, Francesco Bigoni, Antonio Borghini, Federico Scettri).



Becomes a member of the association “Bassesfere”, a collective of musicians committed to developing and disseminating improvised music, performing in Bologna (Chiostro di San Martino, Museo della Musica, Teatro San Leonardo), Imola (Crossroads Jazz Festival) and Rome ("Battiti" Radio Rai 3).
Plays at the AngelicA International Festival (Bologna) with the project "conduction / induction" directed by Lawerence D. Butch Morris, (recorded by Radio 3 for the series “Tracce”and with the ensemble "Camera Lirica "directed by Domenico Caliri.
As a duo with Edoardo Marraffa performs at the Clusone Jazz Festival. With the group Orange Room plays at the Carega Jazz Festival in Verona. Records the album "The 11th Pill" with Mop Mop.
Participates as a guest musician in the album Shtik, a project of drummer Zeno de Rossi.

Records a CD with the "Jazz Gang", quintet of the clarinetist Guglielmo Pagnozzi.



Becomes part of "Mrafi" (Edoardo Marraffa, Antonio Borghini, Cristian Calcagno), with whom he records the album "La Terra di Giubba" recorded for the show "Battiti" of Radio Rai 3 and published in the series “Tracce”.
With the project Mop Mop of drummer Andrea Benini records for the Japanese label Rambling Records, the Italian Dejavù Records and the German Infracom thus entering the international “nu-jazz” music market and performing in many European cities (Russia, Germany, France, UK).




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