Pino Forastiere – composer, acoustic guitarist (6, 16 steel string)

Forastiere is a former classical guitarist (6 and 10 strings) having graduated from Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, Italy. In 2000, Forastiere changed his stylistic direction from composing on classical nylon-stringed guitar toward that created on steel-stringed instruments (especially a 1957 Martin D-28). Since that time he has performed regularly at concerts and festivals throughout Europe, the US and Canada for both classical and fingerstyle audiences. He has been interviewed on radio stations and by media outlets wherever he has toured, and his interviewees focus not only on his musical background and his amazing compositions, but also attempt to glean insight into his inimitable technical prowess which is revered in the eyes of guitarists and musicians worldwide. His technical gifts and unique and complex music are so rare that there are no precedents in the musical world as we know it.

Capping off his inspired body of solo work, January 2008 saw Forastiere reaching for a new culmination of his artistry by performing his piece “Why Not?” on electro-acoustic guitar with a string orchestra at the Palladium Theatre in Rome, Italy. This was a world premiere performance with the Roma3 Orchestra directed by Pietro Mianiti. In 2010, Forastiere formed the trio ‘Guitar Republic’, with two other Italian acoustic guitarists, Sergio Altamura and Stefano Barone. That same year the trio released their debut album and began touring extensively in Italy, the USA and Canada. The Trio also performed in the EU (Germany, Portugal, Switzerland).

In 2012, at the New York Guitar Festival, Forastiere unveiled “from 1 to 8”, a collection of eight studies for contemporary acoustic guitar focusing on different technical and compositional aspects. In 2010/11 and 2013/14 he toured with the International Guitar Night (US and Canada).

His fifth solo album, and ninth of his discography, “Deconstruction,” was released in January 2015.

His current solo work explores new sonic textures on a prepared 16-string guitar, built on specific Forastiere’s requests by the Italian liuther Davide Serracini. A new album is expected to be released in December 2017.

In the Italian language, ‘Forastiere’ means foreigner, stranger. By no means should any listener be a stranger to this great music.







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