NANNIANGELIP ANGELI03ridottaGuitarist and Composer: sardinian prepared guitar 

Born in 1970, he started to play guitar when he was 9. He grew up in Palau (Sardinia) in front of a light house and an extremely stimulating musical environment. The guitar and the voice of his father, his first mentor,  the rock bands in an old carpentry, the experiences with concerts in the squares and carnival evenings, they all directed him towards a sailing without stylistic barriers in the world of music. 

In 1989 he moved to Bologna and started to play with Laboratorio di Musica & Immagine a colourful ensemble of 14 musicians who, by unblocking the barriers among musical genres and by practising collective composition and improvisation, started becoming famous in the main European festivals of innovation music.

On 1993, he was fulgurated by the encounter with Giovanni Scanu, the old guitar player from Sardinia, who died at the age of 95 and from whom he learnt the forms and the modules of the ‘canto a chitarra gallurese e logudorese’. 

From this ‘fighting meeting’ between extra-cultivated avant-garde and popular tradition came his Sardinian prepared-guitar: an orchestra-instrument with 18 cords, an hybrid between guitar, baritone, violoncello and drums, gifted with hammers, pedals, some propellers at variable speed. With this singular instrument Paolo elaborates, improvises and composes unclassifiable music, suspended between free jazz, post-folk and minimal pop.

Since 1997 with his modified guitar he plays concerts all over the world in the most important festivals and theaters in Europe, Japan, Australia, Usa, Canada, Russian, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Africa and recorded more than 50 cds.

Right now Paolo lives in front of the sea in Barcelona and just produced his new Solo album: TALEA a double Cds Live recorded in his world tour 2015/2016.

Paolo Angeli, degree in Ethnomusicology, digitalized  Archivio Mario Cervo the most important collection of sardinian records and traditional music. As a researcher, he has published Canto in Re, a volume of historical analysis of the ‘Canto a Chitarra’ (ISRE 2005).  With Nanni Angeli, he is the artistic director of Isole che parlano, a international arts festival suspended between innovation and tradition taking place in Palau since 1996.

He improvised and collaborated with Pat Metheny, Hamid Drake, Fred Frith, Iva Bittova, Louis Sclavis,  Paolo Fresu, Jon Rose, Antonello Salis, Evan Parker,  Takumi Fukushima, Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig, Ned Rothemberg,  Zeena Parkins, Otomo Yoshide etc.

Paolo Angeli will be in Japan in April during 2018 World Tour.







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