ME TM Rem LOWMário Eugênio, Brazilian acoustic guitarist.


Mario Eugenio is a seven-string guitar master coming from the Choro/Classic field, acclaimed by a large number of guitar fans in the world, he has become a milestone among Brazilian music lovers.
He was born in São Paulo (Brazil) Since he was a child he discovered his interest in music starting playing tambourine and other original Brazilian percussions. Later he approached to guitar. He use a special 7 strings (choro) guitar, with a seventh low string that he plays using the slap technics, as in the electric bass. He created his own instrument style, by melting the samba rhythms with the original Brazilian melodies that influenced his childhood. 
In 98, he realized his first CD “TOQUE BRASIL”, São Paulo; for the launch he was invited by Radio Cultura de São Paulo, attending to the program "Studio 1200", produced by Eduardo Weber, introduced by Fausto Kanova and interviewed by Cristina Braga. In 2000, he made a new work entitled "MÁRIO EUGENIO & MILTON MORI IN CONCERT" (duo set: 7 string guitar and mandolin). This CD was highly praised from the musical criticism, receiving the review of the great conductor Laércio de Freitas on the back cover. The concert at the Supremo Musical, in São Paulo was filmed and broadcast by CNT, TV Gazeta. Rádio Cultura de São Paulo, dedicated the program "MUSICALITY" to the talent of the guitarist Mário Eugênio. He performed in t at the São Pedro Theater in San Paulo. Mario received many invitations to the main festivals and interviews in the Radios USP-SP, Culture, Radar Program, CBI, among others. He collected special appearances in the concerts of several artists, among several shows. The great pianist Wanderley Simões on the others. This presentation was recorded by TV SENAC. Mário Eugênio was a semifinalist at the VISA MUSIC INSTRUMENTAL AWARD. In 2004, he released the CD "SONORIDADE" by the record company CPC-UMES, which gave him several accolades by the specialized media of North and South of Brazil.
In 2010 he realized his fourth CD entitled "CONTRAMÃO",In this work MÁRIO EUGENIO shows the diversity of Brazilian guitar...a soloist and accompanist in a renewed way, with more elegant harmonies and impeccable technique of execution.  The record was part of a special campaign in international congress on the loss of water in the world 'WATERLOOS' where every chairman received a personalized CD by the Artist. The CD “Contramão”, was pre-selected in the Brazilian Music Prize - 2011.
In 2018 will be released the new album of Mario Eugênio entitled "Na Medida".








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