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Stefano Barone is a composer, guitar player and producer from Italy.

Born in Naples (Italy, 1978), he started playing music when he was very young. He studied piano at first, but picked up the guitar quickly and did not let go. From blues to pop to rock, he went through different musical experiences until he moved to Rome in 2001 and decided to dedicate himself fully to solo acoustic guitar.

When he first listened to Michael Hedges's striking album Aerial Boundaries in 2003, he began studying modern acoustic guitar techniques and composition with Pino Forastiere, Sergio Altamura and Dominic Frasca. He also embraced contemporary music in general, in particular American minimalism composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

His music is the soundtrack of many contemporary ballets (Shadows), TV shows (BBC, RAI) and documentaries. His last project “Alive” (2018) is part of the 2018 Pulitzer winner Brian Kaufman’s “The Wall”.

 Stefano has a masterful guitar technique and an extraordinary control of electronic effects and devices, used in many of his creations. He skillfully uses the devices and effects at his disposition creating great orchestration and harmony. His Neapolitan roots gave him innate and infallible sense of rhythm and the natural ability to improvise.

A perfect balance between acoustic and electronic, he performs live an uninterrupted program in which all the songs played are woven together in the most brilliant of methods.



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